Tuesday, April 21, 2009

lessplasticmorelife.org's cool cloth bags!

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Many people, including all of us at lessplasticmorelife.org agree that a cloth bag is the best bag. That brings up the next big question> Where do we get a cool cloth bag? Options are limited. The ones that a good are too expensive or not easily available. And the ones that are easily available are not good.
So after much deliberation and frustration, we decided to design our own cloth bags.
We've only made a few samples after spending a considerable amount(Designer Limited Edition?:). The bags are a huge hit!
We're loving it and flaunting it. But the only problem is that we're not bag makers or retailers. We're just designers.

We're currently looking for individuals/organisations who would like to print these designs and take them to the masses, at a profit or otherwise. We'll be happy to share the designs as long as the cloth bags are replacing the plastic ones.
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lessplasticmorelife.org featured on CampaignBriefAsia!

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Campaign Brief Asia is an independent body that tracks the best advertising across Asia Pacific. And they chose to feature us!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

lessplasticmorelife.org featured on"It's getting hot in here"

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Caroline is a wonderful woman spearheading a campaign to stabilise/reverse climate change. Her enthusiasm is infectious and worth catching.
See http://itsgettinghotinhere.org/

Life less plastic- a cool blog about how to reduce plastic in ones life.

This remarkable woman who, on the face of it, seems to be going to extremes, is showing the world how to be the change when it comes to living a life less plastic. See http://lifelessplastic.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

lessplasticmorelife.org's campaign awarded at Goafest 2009!

The way we see it, in a world where very few know about the dangers of using plastic bags, and fewer actually do something about it, any publicity is good publicity.
And awards certainly help the cause.

See/download the ad/poster campaign.