Tuesday, April 14, 2009

lessplasticmorelife.org's campaign awarded at Goafest 2009!

The way we see it, in a world where very few know about the dangers of using plastic bags, and fewer actually do something about it, any publicity is good publicity.
And awards certainly help the cause.

See/download the ad/poster campaign.


Umi said...

Congratulations! It is publicity well deserved and definitely needs more...

Anonymous said...

Hey there! That was a good read... I was at GoaFest this year and if your were there as well you could spot yourself at these pics http://www.spiritzandmore.com/high-spiritz/feel-the-rush/whyte-and-mackay-goafest. Please leave your comments... See you next year at GoaFest! Happy Blogging!!! :)